Our Programme

At Melbourne Baraiatrics we have a comprehensive and dedicated weight loss surgery programme.

Our thorough and well organized programme starts with our reception staff who will ensure you don’t have to wait more than 2 weeks for your initial appointment with the surgeon.

Comprehensive preparation for surgery

  • Thorough Preoperative assessment by the surgeon, dietitian, psychologist, perioperative physician, and when necessary the anaesthetist and further specialists.
  • At the end of you first consultation with the surgeon, Mr Geoffrey Draper, if you would like to proceed with the surgery, all your preoperative appointments will be arranged by the practice manager right there and then.
  • All preoperative care is coordinated by our practice manager and nurse coordinator and all aspects of your care double checked by the nurse coordinator
  • All the medical specialists involved in the programme regularly meet to review and improve the preoperative assessment of fitness surgery. All specialists contribute to, and agree on the process to ensure it is thorough from all medical perspectives, which ensures the surgery is as safely planned as possible. This means we can be confident your care is provided at an excellent standard.
  • We have numerous patients who have had weight loss surgery with us who are willing to help you prepare for your surgery o choose the right operation for you if you would like this additional help.
  • Preoperative weight loss is achieved to minimize the risk of the surgery. The most usual method used is meal replacements with Optifast (which we can provide for you at low costs). This decreases the risk of surgery but also has many other benefits.

Thorough post operative follow up and care

  • All follow up is performed by the operating surgeon, so you know him and he knows you, which helps to provide you with a personal, friendly and comprehensive care.
  • The surgeon is available 24 hours per day by pager for urgent problems.
  • The dietitians continue to help you post operatively to maximize your results. You can continue to see the dietitans as many times as you find you need.
  • Nutritional monitoring is provided when required.
  • Support networks are in place for people who would like to access these.
  • Bariatric essentials is a range of products you are likely to require as part of the programme. Bariatric essentials prices are the same as on the internet and is conveniently there for you, right in our office.
Dr Geof Draper

We welcome feedback about our programme and our care.


We are continuously aiming to improve our programme, to provide you with the care you are hoping for.

So please feel welcome to give us feedback at any time.

Please Contact Melbourne Bariatrics on  03  9770  7189  for more information or to make an appointment
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