Use Your Superannuation for Surgery

Some people who require assistance funding their weight loss surgery access their superannuation. At Melbourne Bariatrics we can assist you to access some of your Super funds if requested.

You can draw down on superannuation to assist with some or all of the costs.

Access your Super

Morbid obesity is a serious medical condition. When treatment has been recommended in writing by 2 medical practitioners to your Superannuation provider, funds can be drawn down.

This does not always apply, however.
But it is worthwhile investigating.

Ask any of our staff if you would like to pursue this.

We will simply provide you with a letter explaining that surgery has been recommended for your condition, the seriousness of the condition, and the expected costs.

You will also need to obtain a similar statement from another doctor, eg your GP. And you will also need the application form for funds withdrawal from your Superannuation provider.

You will need 2 forms. These can be downloaded here.

1. Application form for Early Release of Superannuation for Medical Reasons

2. Medical Practitioner Report for the Early Release of Superannuation

Then submit the application.

Assessment of your application may take only a week or so in some cases.


Please Contact Melbourne Bariatrics on  03  9770  7189  for more information or to make an appointment
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