Results of Weight Loss Surgery

80 to 98% of obesity related conditions resolve
Weight loss takes 6 to 24 months
Sleeve Gastrectomy is the most common weight loss operation in Australia, but you should choose the operation that suits you best.

Weight loss surgery has other names that might give better insight in to how these operations really work. "Bariatric surgery" is the most traditional name and is derived from the meaning of the word bariatric which is pressure , and so refers to surgery that puts pressure on the body to lose weight. And the other name which is gaining more and more use is "Metabolic Surgery". This is because these operations actually work by changing peoples metabolism and therefore enabling them to lose weight.

Weight Loss Surgery - Before and After


50 to 60% excess weight loss


65 to 75% excess weight loss


70 to 80% excess weight loss

Dr Draper does not perform Gastric Bypass surgery and this information is provided for educational purposes.


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