Obesity makes you miss out on life

    +  Buying clothes

    +  On a bus, plane, train…

    +  Travel, doing things

    +  Seat belts

    +  Personal hygiene

The health consequences and psychological impact of obesity often are enough to justify surgery. However, it is also equally valid that some people have weight loss surgery before these changes occur. They are sick of being big because they just are, they are sick of trying to lose weight, and because life is simply more difficult when you are fat.

Healthy and Active Lifestyle

All these reasons are valid indications for surgery. We don’t have to wait for somebody with a major weight problem to develop diabetes before it is apparent they should consider surgery. Before it is too late kind of thing. But in addition, the subtle impact of these day to day tasks on your self esteem and general satisfaction with your life should not be underestimated.

Are you sick of having to go to specialty stores to buy clothes, of being told “we don’t have your size”?


Are you sick of missing out on your life?

Sick of the look you get, or perhaps imagine you get, when people are getting on a plane and are all hoping they are not sitting next to you. Of forgetting to ask for a seat belt extension and having the embarrassment of asking? Of making up excuses to not do something because you think you will be too exhausted to keep up with everybody, an embarrassment to them and yourself, unable to enjoy it. Sick of not being asked for exactly the same reasons. Are you sick of missing out on your life? Sick of having to awkwardly prop your foot on a chair to do your shoelaces. Or do you need someone else to do them. Sick of not being able to see the other side of your belly?

Are you worried? Worried about your personal hygiene. Do I smell? Are you worried about what is going to happen to you because of your weight?

This is why weight loss surgery is valid even if you appear healthy. It is very unlikely that your weight is not affecting your health already, and it is very unlikely indeed that it is not effecting how you feel about your self and the way you live and enjoy your life.

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