ps brooke-before

I had spent most of my 20's being morbidly obese struggling to keep my weight down. I tried a lot of diets and weight loss methods with some success but found it hard to keep the weight off and my motivation up.

I decided to get the surgery done after seeing family members achieve significant weight loss with the band. I knew I needed to take control of my weight and health and the band has helped me do that.

Since having the surgery I have lost 55 kilos. My life has changed in so many ways. I have gotten married and had a baby. Without the band I really don't think getting pregnant and having a baby would have been possible. The amount of energy I have now is amazing.

ps brooke-afterIt has taken 3 years to get down to the weight I am now. It hasn't always been an easy process but with support of the surgeon and staff I have found the help I needed.

The band is a tool to make weight loss easier. I think the biggest thing I have found with the band is that you still need to put the work in regards to diet and exercise; the band is a tool to make weight loss easier. I can honestly say that having the band was the best decision I have made and it has changed my life for the best.