Surgery Payment Options

Obesity is expensive

+  Any method of weight loss is expensive
+  Surgery is expensive and weight loss surgery is expensive, but also works
+  A new wardrobe is expensive
+  After surgery there is less expense due to medication, medical problems and food

Surgery Costs

Assistant surgeon
Hospital and operation
Physician, blood tests etc
Follow up (and adjustments of Gastric Bands)
Nutritional monitoring

Payment Plans


Standard Payment

Gastric Band $4350* gap
Sleeve $6200* gap
Revision Surgery up to $9400* gap
Requires Private Health Insurance
These fees do no include the surgeon assistant, anaesthetist or dietitian.
Other costs may occur
*All figures are approximate and depend on level of insurance


Supported Health

DVA, TAC, Workcare
No gap
Requires approval by supportive authority
Includes the surgeon, surgeon assistant, anaesthetist, dietician
Other costs may occur


Self Funded

This method is for those without Private Health Insurance who do not wish to wait 12 months and is for around ≈$18000 to $20000 total fee.This Includes the surgeon, surgeon assistant, anaesthetist, dietitian and foreseeable hospital costs. It does not apply to gastric bypass or revision surgery in most cases. Other costs often occur.


Use Your Super

Some people who require assistance funding their weight loss surgery access their superannuation.
At Melbourne Bariatrics we can assist you to access some of your Super funds if requested.
You can draw down on superannuation to assist with some or all of the costs.



Please Contact Melbourne Bariatrics on  03  9770  7189  for more information or to make an appointment
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