No Gap Gastric Bands

NO GAP gastric Band - This offer ends January 2013. Sorry, all positions have already been taken.

At Melbourne Bariatrics we offered a limited number of No Gap Gastric Bands per year to some patients. We wanted to be able to help those less able to afford weight loss surgery to access this highly valued surgery.

This meant no out of pocket costs for the surgery itself for people on a health care card or aged pension card who also held private health insurance.

In other words, the Gap fee for these people was wiped completely for the Surgeon, Surgeons Assistant, Anaesthetist and Dietitian, which is usually nearly $4000 in total.

There were still some costs involved but these were generally less than $500 in total, and included fees for the physician, blood tests, XRays, Hospital fees etc.

Were you eligible?

It was offered to people with effective Private Health Insurance cover
and also held a Health Care Card
or Aged pension card

If you have private health insurance and a health care card or pension card you were eligible (conditions applied).

We still offer No Gap Bands and Sleeve Gastrectomy and Gastric Bypass for people who are covered by and approved by DVA, TAC and Worksafe.

All patients covered by DVA, Worksafe and TAC are still eligible for no Gap Gastric Band, Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass.

This NO GAP BANDS offer was Unique to Melbourne Bariatrics Peninsula. We received a huge response to this offer but it is now closed, with the last patient booked for their surgery in January 2013.


Please Contact Melbourne Bariatrics on  03  9770  7189  for more information or to make an appointment
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